For more than a decade, I’ve fished and guided on most of Northern California’s prettiest waters. I’m based in Dunsmuir, CA, so most of my guide trips occur on the Upper Sacramento, McCloud, Pit, Klamath, and Lower Sacramento rivers. (Don’t I work in a great office?) People often ask me what a guide really does. That varies a lot from client to client, but clearly, my biggest goal is to help people catch more fish, and to help them appreciate their surroundings while they’re doing it. My absolute favorite client? An intermediate (or advanced beginner) who wants to take the next step and learn how to make better presentations – the man or woman who is ready to learn how to consistently catch more fish. When someone makes huge strides in one day, it’s a great feeling. My biggest pet peeve? Closed minds! When I’m not guiding I’m fishing, and I’ve learned that the heavily traveled paths are not always the best. In addition to fishing the big rivers for native rainbows, I fish for steelhead, salmon and the least appreciated, most-underrated gamefish that swims up here – Smallmouth Bass. I fish small streams, large rivers and the myriad of lakes we enjoy. That means I’ve got plenty of options for my clients, especially if they’re open to something new. Contact me to discuss a trip today!

phone: 530.235.4948

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Upper Sac


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