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Upper Sacramento fishable now 01/02/2015

Here is a new set of photos to compare to the last post.


Same area – much lower flows.
1040 CFS at the gauge.

I tried to bring to prior photo’s forward and put them up side by side in this post.

Could not get it to go the way I wanted.

I am gonna publish this the way it is now but still see if I can get the pics to display the way I want.  I may edit the post later to fix it.

Here in town it is maybe 3-4 inches higher than normal summer flows.
Got my new 2015 license today so I had to go break it in.
Hit a spot here in town just for a couple of hours today.  Hooked 4 and landed two.

Bottom Picture is my first fish of the new year.

Upper-Sac_01_02_2015 012Upper-Sac_01_02_2015 016Upper-Sac_01_02_2015 014Upper-Sac_01_02_2015 004